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Solar PV Panel systems are typically low maintenance, but a few simple things can make sure your array continues to generate energy, save money, and reduce carbon.

  • Keep solar panels clear of any plant growth or other obstacles, as shading will impact the energy production of the panels.
  • Keep a check on the inverter – green lights are good, with red lights tending to mean there might be an issue.
  • Monitor your daily output through the web-based portal or mobile phone app – if something doesn’t seem right, it is worth investigating.
  • If you haven’t got bird protection fitted, make sure you don’t have any unwanted animals or debris under the panels – we have known situations where squirrels have chewed through cables!
  • Visually check the array every so often, especially after strong winds, to make sure that the fixings and cables are all in place and nothing has moved.
  • Solar Panels themselves are self-cleaning, helped by the angle that they are fitted and the amount of rain that falls on them! However, there are occasions when panels do need a clean:.
    • Isolate the solar system to safely work on the solar system.
    • If you must get on the roof, take proper care, cleaning will make surfaces slippery.
    • Don’t clean in full sun, pick a cooler time of day.
    • Use demineralized water to clean panels.
    • Don’t use pressure washers on solar panels.
    • Do not stand or step onto the panels.
    • Do not spray water on the backside of the panels or the cables.
    • Do not use a steam cleaner.
    • Use a dry or wet soft cloth/brush to clean the panels. .For stubborn marks use a light brush, water and a mild detergent (not alkaline or sting acid solutions)
  • Have the system regularly serviced, the MCS guidelines for a residential property (Domestic Privately Owned) is that an Intermediate service should be completed every 10-years, with a full-service every 15-years. Commercial properties have different requirements and more frequent service intervals.

If you have any questions about your solar array or would like to arrange a service, drop us a message and we’d be pleased to help – email info@greenmansolar.com