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Solar Battery Storage

Looking to get more out of your solar panels and maximize your energy independence? Battery storage is a great way to store surplus solar power, so it can be used during high consumption times, preventing excess energy being sent back to the grid. Battery storage can also be used to charge up from the grid during low-cost/off-peak periods, and then discharged back during ‘peak’ times. Greenman Solar offers a range of battery storage solutions that capture excess solar energy during the day for usage anytime – even during a power outage!

Why Add a Storage Battery?

Use More of Your Solar Power

Store excess solar generation to use when panels aren’t actively producing. Increase solar consumption from 30-50% to up to 90% with batteries. No more wasted solar exports to the grid!

Electricity Backup Protection

Some systems allow you to keep essential lights, appliances and devices running seamlessly during a power cut.

Electric Bill Elimination

By storing solar energy for evening consumption, you can reduce almost your entire electricity usagel in some cases.

Grid Independence

Be less reliant on the distribution network vulnerable to blackouts and price volatility outside your control. Plus earn money through demand response/response services with some battery and energy suppliers.

Our Storage Options


We work closely with a wide range of battery Storage brands, including Tesla, GivEnergy, Alpha ESS to name but a few – this means we can make sure you have the right functionality to integrate with your solar array and usage patterns. Whether you want to install a battery as part of the solar installation or add battery storage to an existing solar array – we’ll work with you to get the right option, whether we utilise a hybrid inverter or an AC Coupled solution.


We handle the full integration process seamlessly: remote viability assessment → onsite evaluation → solution design → project management → complete installation, configuration and testing → warranty/monitoring activation → ongoing maintenance.

Let us perform a personalized solar + storage viability report for your property. We’ll recommend the optimal system design meeting your usage needs and budget. Add energy storage and get the most from your solar panels!


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