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Solar Panel Maintenance

Your solar array is low maintenance, not no maintenance, so having a plan in place will make sure your solar array continues to deliver benefits for its lifetime. As an accredited business, Greenman Solar provides a range of maintenance and repair services to keep your system working safely, efficiently, and effectively.

Regular System Check-Ups

We follow MCS guidelines and offer regular periodic site visits, dependent on the size and type of solar array, to conduct preventative maintenance checks that identify and address small problems before they become big issues. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect all solar components and make any adjustments needed for peak operation.

Testing cables, connectors, and junction boxes for faults

Checking panels and mounts for damage from weather events

Testing isolators and safety switches

Clearing debris / dust from solar panels

Monitoring system performance and troubleshooting issues

Software patch updates and monitoring/alert activation

Fault Finding & Emergency Repairs

If you experience a system failure, our solar experts will thoroughly examine all aspects of the installation to locate the exact problem. Once identified, we have the technical skills to get systems functioning again quickly and correctly. As a licensed electrical company, we can provide both solar and electrical fixes.

Contact us today to learn more about keeping your solar investment maintained over the long-run!


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