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Energy Efficient Heating Systems


Looking to upgrade your home heating whilst helping the environment? As full-service electricians, Greenman Solar installs high-efficiency heating systems that minimize carbon emissions and can integrate with solar panels and battery storage for maximum savings.

What we offer…

Air Source Heat Pumps

Extract heat from ambient air to warm homes, linked to existing radiators or underfloor systems

Electric Boilers

Highly efficient compared with gas boilers, zero emissions if linked to solar PV array

Modern Heat Pump Benefits:


Savings on Energy Bill


Lower Carbon Emissions


Government Subsidies Available


Works with Solar and
Battery Storage systems


Full Installation Warranty
& Performance Guarantee

High Efficiency Gas Boilers

For homes that require gas, we supply and install cutting-edge condensing boilers rated over 90% efficiency. This saves up to 30% off heating bills compared to older models. We handle the entire boiler upgrade process from start to finish.

Combine Solar & Heating Upgrades

Linking solar PV and modern heat pumps enables residents to maximize energy savings with available battery storage for overnight heating needs. Solar PV powers the heating system naturally without pulling expensive grid energy. Contact us to learn more about bundling upgrades!


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